The Best Grease and Grime Cleaner to Clean your Oven Range Hood to a Sparkling Shine - in 10 minutes Flat! You already have it at home too - so its FREE!

Hello everyone!

Remember on Monday when I was discussing the ‘January Cure’ and the fun new organizing and cleaning challenge I’m taking this month with Apartment Therapy?
One of the first challenges was to clean the floors for a clean start to the new year…and when I was in the kitchen cleaning I noticed that my oven range hood was super dirty!
I used my easy fast cleaning method to get it sparkling clean and I’m passing it on to you today!


Diy french terracotta pots. Stenciling and painting on terracotta and a little video I made.

The purpose – where I start – is the idea of use. It is not recycling, it’s reuse. – Issey Miyake 
Perfect quote for the perfect project!
It all happened on a snow day. Yet another, our boys missed school because of SNOW in the South.  Don’t even get me started.  This month is almost over.
It sure looked pretty though.


This tutorial shows you step by step how to make your own bleach spray shirt in just 10 minutes!

Have you seen people wearing those fun bleached t shirts? I love how they look, but I never realized how easy it is to make your own. Today I’m going to show you how to make your own bleach spray shirt in just 10 minutes!


Adorable Mini Terrariums in magnetic spice containers.

We’re approaching the end of our DIY wedding favor series, but I guarantee you will love our last picks as much as the first ones. These vertical terrarium wedding favors make great gifts because they don’t take any room, and are extremely easy to maintain. Who wouldn’t want to bring a little bit of the outdoors to their home or office?


DIY Wooden Coffee Table

Yes. Another coffee table. I know. Apparently we just can't make up our minds on this very important piece of living room furniture. 
If you're new to this blog, you might not know that I already made a new coffee table (with a fun epoxy top) back in May last year. So, what could possibly possess us to change it up so soon? Well, two things. First, it had gotten bumped pretty hard a few times making the legs a little less sturdy. Plus, we got a new couch. And it's grey (our last couch was a greenish yellow). So the grey coffee table just didn't look right with it, and I can't leave well enough alone, apparently. 
So, we made another coffee table. And it's probably our favorite to date.


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